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I am just a nerdy mom looking to help other nerdy folks live their best lives.

We all want to work smarter, not harder.  But the question is always "how?".  My templates for budgeting help you manage your own money smarter.  It's not financial advice, just low-cost tools to build your empire! 


I started this business because I was constantly making materials for various groups I am associated with.  I found it was much easier to plan an event or to build a budget collectively by giving a group of people a framework.  It has saved me many hours of back-and-forth. 


I chose to do this in Google's free products because it is important to me that these resources be widely available contain collaboration capabilities.  Also, Google has come a long way in terms of collaboration tools and at this point, their suite rivals any of the industry standards. 


My mission is to help folks choose their own adventures, to help folks build things within their own communities, but not break the bank while doing so.


There is a lot of talk on in the small business world about finding your niche.  My niche are the makers.  Those who see a need in their community, and make it happen.  Those who start their own business.  Those who want to build things, together. 

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