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Store Policy

Customer Care

I’m a real person who really wants to help you live like royalty.  If you experience any issues with my templates, I am happy to help troubleshoot.  Simply email me at


I use my decades of experience to help folks stay organized without breaking the bank.  I have been working with picky stakeholders for my entire career and I pride myself on holding up to very high standards.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, send me a quick email and we can work through this together.  

Privacy & Safety

My day job is a data and privacy professional so I take privacy very seriously.  As such, I don't hold onto personal information of any kind.  All payment processing is completed through the Etsy platform and I don't share any contact information with any 3rd parties.  

I will hold business contact files for 24 months as is standard practice, but I won't send you marketing emails or even keep in touch, that is unless you want to be friends :)

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

I use Etsy for all payments.  Keeps things simple and secure.  If you have any questions at all, send me an email and I'll either point you in the right direction or try to help as best I can. 

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